Strange Beasts

Mixed media collage. ©Chandra Orr/Junkmill

I've always adored the Tower of Pisa. Something about all those layered arches speaks to my fondness for visual repitition ... it looks like a decadent and delicious birthday cake. Above, a mixed media collage paying homage to steampunky perfectionism, created in my Strange Beasts art journal.

The journal, created in a copy of All About Strange Beasts of the Past (1956), is a project several years in the works. 

I started this book while teaching an art journaling course at Delta Community College and continue adding to the pages as inspiration strikes.

I chose the book for the illustrations, delightfully nostalgic two-tone black and white drawings with sepia accents depicting otherworldly creatures from the Pleistocene period, including mammoths, mastodons, giant rhinos and glyptodons (my personal favorite, a prehistoric ancestor of modern armadillos).

The title of the book was also alluring, and I think it says something about the subject matter ... and maybe the artist?

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