In Stitches

Just thought I'd share this bracelet I put together as a gift for my mother, an avid quilter. I chose an assortment of sterling and glass beads, half pink and half turquoise to compliment a wide range of ensembles, and paired them with custom charms depicting popular quilt block patterns.

The charms, inspired by Junkmill's Crazy Quilt collection, were lovingly assembled by the Laughing Vixen Lounge using a super-secret process ... okay, it's probably not so secret, but it is confounding to little old me who works mostly with paper, glue and pixels. The process involves some sort of high-tech resin, ultraviolet light and vixen magic. (Thank you Ms. Vixen!)


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  1. Such a pretty bracelet. You did an awesome job on that.

    Hehe... super secrect Vixen magic. Yup!



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