Rusty Tangerine

NATURE STUDY, Mixed media collage © Chandra Orr/Junkmill

I just adore orange. It creates such a dynamic contrast to just about any color, not to mention some of my favorite things happen to be orange: macaroni-and-cheese, Fiskars scissors, iguana legs in the summer, that orange juice flavored bubblegum that comes in tiny milk containers from Florida gift shops. With spring rushing in, my eye keeps gravitating to all things orange, so I thought I'd share a few deliciously saturated rusty tangerine collages, created in my Strange Beasts altered art journal.

All of these save the Frog Prince were studies completed while teaching art at the Midland Center for the Arts in Midland, Mich., and incorporate colored pencil illustrations, watercolor paintings, a variety of inks and paper dyes, rubber stamps and layers upon layers of paper and glue.

FROG PRINCE, Mixed media collage © Chandra Orr/Junkmill
GEOMETRIC STUDY, Mixed media collage © Chandra Orr/Junkmill
HOUSE FLY, Mixed media collage © Chandra Orr/Junkmill

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