Artist Trading Cards

A selection of Artist Trading Cards created for various swaps and journal challenges. Above from left, Enigma includes collage elements from a Medieval religious text and plastic transparencies created by printing black and white images on clear overhead projector film. Breathe is one of my sparser cards with an old German book page in the background, a few snippets from National Geographic magazine and tiny metal rivets. In contrast, Bonded, is the result of about eight layers of assorted junk, including old book pages, transparencies, vintage twine and a handmade mica charm.

Above, Nevermore, created for an Edgar Allen Poe swap, includes a blown-ink background, an original chalk and ink illustration and embossed stamping. The last two cards were on-the-fly creations meant to make use of extraneous ephemera scattered across the table following a lengthy collage session. Rather than forcing myself to clean up the bits and pieces laying about, I'll often just frantically glue them down somewhere ... anywhere. I'm actually quite amazed that I haven't started gluing random scraps to the walls, though I have been tempted!

Above, a Smiths-inspired collection created for a melancholy-themed swap. Cards include transparencies, text created with a vintage label maker and a colored pencil illustration of an eye. Below, more transparency-heavy assemblages.

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