An Inch a Day

Have I mentioned my obsession with inchies? I'm quite in love these little 1" square collage creations. Here's why:
• I love instant gratification. At just one inch square, they're a quick fix when I'm feeling overwhelmed with a 50-page altered book that seems to be taking foreeeever. 
• I love experimenting. Inchies require no commitment. If I want to try a new technique, test new inks or play with a stack of old paper unearthed at an estate sale, it's the perfect format. If the experiment doesn't go so well, oh well. It's just one inch.
• I love squares. I relish the golden ratio, my favorite number is 4, and I get a rush from perfectly perpendicular lines (90-degree angles have a strange visceral and calming effect on my nervous nature), so squares just make sense.
• I love tiny things. Gumball machine toys, miniature porcelain animals, buttons, charms ... you name it, I have a stash of it somewhere. 
• I love LOTS of tiny things. One inchie is just, well, one inch of paper mish-mashed together. But dozens of inchies all lined up in a grid or piled high in an old cigar box ... now that's something.

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