Walking on the Dark Side

Folding two-page mixed media collage. ©Chandra Orr/Junkmill

A recent mixed media collage created on pages from a heavily distressed book titled, "Rastatt." It's a German text from 1965 with dozens of pencil sketch cityscapes and handwritten captions. It started as a lovely little souvenir style scrapbook on the Rastatt district in Germany, but now I've got my grungy ink-stained hands on it ...

The inspiration came from snippets of apocalyptic song lyrics the Vincent Price monologue in Michael Jackson's Thriller and Placebo's Unisex  which then, of course, led to thoughts of ZoMBiES and several hours of ruminating on my Zombie Escape Plan while cutting, pasting, inking and drawing this kitschy little number, a nod to the "stay safe during nuclear fallout" propaganda from the 1950s.

Folding two-page mixed media collage. ©Chandra Orr/Junkmill

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