Bad Habits

A little altered book I put together celebrating my bad habits. This one I created in an old spiral-bound press kit. In addition to other side projects, I've been writing feature stories for a news service for 10 years or so and receive mounds of publicity materials from various companies. As I recall, this press kit came from a clothing line. It was a gorgeous presentation with a tropical high seas theme, loaded with vellum overlays and exotic, earthy watercolor illustrations. I just couldn't bring myself to toss it in the recycle bin once I had finished with it, so it got a bit of a makeover.

The first four pages celebrate my love of all things caffeinated (and an intense addiction to Starbucks). I chopped up a bunch of coffee shop gift cards for the grid, snagged some stickers from the barista and added transparencies made from magazine pages and packing tape. (Step-by-step tutorial available on wikihow.) The tea tags represent a sampling of my favorite blends, collected over a few weeks. I was surprised to see how the tags piled up once I started saving them ... I drink entirely too much caffeine!

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