DDT Is Good for Me

Laboratory tests prove it: Babies who drink soda during their formative years have a higher chance of "fitting in" as teenagers.

I'm a time traveler at heart. I spend an extraordinary amount of time daydreaming of future worlds and musing on the past, and these old advertisements always seem to spark a jumping off point for my little alternate world adventures.

If 100 years ago we thought soda was good for babies, what might we think of our current ways 100 years from now? Maybe future generations will look at old advertisements for baby formula and think, "Well, that's just wacky," or products like Lunchables and Cap'n Crunch will be seen as reckless in retrospect. 

If DDT was once promoted as safe and beneficial, I suppose anything is possible... 

"Added comfort, health and safety ..."
"So pure, so good, so wholesome ..."
"A delicious blended food drink ..." (Eww.)

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